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Letters of Compliance

What do I need to know about buying or selling a house?

The Town of Legal can advise property owners that their property is in compliance with the Land Use Bylaw. Although these letters are not required by municipalities, they are recommended and often requested in order to complete a real estate transaction.

What is a Letter of Compliance?

A letter of compliance is a confirmation that a property meets the regulations of the Land Use Bylaw based on a Real Property Report (prepared by an Alberta Land Surveyor).
It reviews buildings, decks, hot tubs and other structures. These are reviewed based on their compliance with the Land Use Bylaw, such as location, if permits were applied and approved, if there are any encroachments or if variances are required.

How do I get a Real Property Report?

Contact a registered Alberta Land Surveyor to survey your property and prepare a Real Property Report.
Please note that the Town of Legal does not prepare or distribute copies of Real Property Reports due to copyright.

When do I need a letter of compliance?

  • If you are selling a property:
  • If you plan on selling your property, you may be required to apply for a Letter of Compliance. You should apply for it at the time you list your property for sale. Doing so can ensure that any complications that may arise are minimized and dealt with beforehand.

  • If you are purchasing a property:
  • If you are purchasing a property, it is recommended to request a copy of the Letter of Compliance from the seller to confirm the property meets the regulations of the Land Use Bylaw, prior to purchasing.
    Ensuring the property you are purchasing is compliant with the Land Use Bylaw is part of doing your diligence as a home buyer.

What are the benefits to applying for a Letter of Compliance?

  • Ensures there are no surprises regarding the land use, including alterations or additions.
  • Ensures all structures requiring development permits have been applied for and approved by the Development Officer (including buildings constructed in proper locations).
  • Avoids possible financial setbacks that may be taken should a title not be compliant at the time of title transfer.
  • Ensures that your property is compliant with the Town of Legal’s Land Use Bylaw #05-2013.

Why should I apply for a Letter of Compliance early?

  • To reduce stress associated with the sale of a property, by dealing with non-compliant issues prior to the final sale of a property.
  • To decrease the chance of a financial holdback due to restricted and limited timelines related to the transaction.
  • Ensures you as the seller takes full responsibility for your property.

What do I need to apply for a Letter of Compliance?

  • Original copy of Real Property Report (as provided by an Alberta Land Surveyor)
  • Payment in the amount of $40.00 - payment can be made by Cash, Cheque or
    Interac. Cheques should be made payable to TOWN OF LEGAL

How long does it take to get a Letter of Compliance?

It is recommended to apply for a Letter of Compliance as soon as possible to avoid any complications or setbacks prior to negotiating a real estate transaction.

Additional Information

There are many other things to consider when selling your home. Contact the Town Office for information on the Land Use Bylaw, for Utility Service and Tax information.