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History of Legal

Family portrait

Towards the end of the 18th century and at the beginning of the 19th century, settlers from the United States, the eastern provinces of Canada and even Europe, started to work their way westward to eventually take homesteads in the region now known as Legal. Among the earliest settlers were Theodore Gelot and Eugene Menard. Both of these gentlemen came from France via California searching for homesteads.

Two boys

In 1894, they started homesteading in the Legal area. Soon many others, the majority coming from the province of Québec, were attracted by the rich fertile soil found in the area and a small community was formed.

L'abbe Morin had been chosen as colonizer for the west and his task was to recruit settlers from Québec. In 1889, the pioneers went ahead with plans to build their first chapel. By 1911-1912 with the completion of the C.N. Railway, plans were made to build a church. A small community was rapidly growing and from this small community the Village of Legal was soon to come about.

Legal Catholic Church

Through the years Legal has continued to lay its claim on being a progressive and friendly community rich in historical culture.

On January 1st, 1998 Legal achieved "Town" status. Official bilingual status was proclaimed in April 1st, 2000. The Town Of Legal has been federally proclaimed as "The National Capital of French Murals".

Coming soon! History Book

The Histoire de Legal History Association's Book VISION, COURAGE & HERITAGE - Legal History Book Volume 1 & Volume 2 will be available for online viewing in the near future.

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1 - The beginning|Les Debuts
  • Chapter 2 - Spiritual Life -|Vie Spirituelle
  • Chapter 3a- Families
  • Chapter 3b - Families
  • Chapter 3c - Families
  • Chapter 3d - Families
  • Chapter 4 - Intellectual Life|Vie Intellectuelles
  • Chapter 5 - Social Life - Vie Sociale
  • Chapter 6 - Economic Life|Vie Economique
  • Chapter 7 - Governments - Gouvernements
  • Chapter 8 - Honor Roll|Tableau d'honneur
  • Chapter 9 - Pictures, Donor's List, General & Family Index