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Land Development

The Development Officer is responsible for planning, development, business licensing and building construction safety.  The Development Officer makes decisions on applications received related to the use, subdivision and development of land in accordance with the Town of Legal’s Land Use Bylaw and the Municipal Development Plan, along with other master plans and numerous area structure plans. The Officer also prepares and implements strategies and initiatives for Legal and carries out all functions for which Legal is responsible as an accredited municipality under Alberta's Safety Codes Act.

Off Site Levy Bylaw #01-2008

Development Permit Application & Safety Codes

Proper permits are required by the Town of Legal before beginning development or renovating on a residential, industrial, or commercial property. The Development Permit is issued by the Town of Legal and the process may take up to two (2) weeks, so please plan ahead. For more information on development, please contact the Town of Legal at 780-961-3773. More information…

Letters of Compliance

A Letter of Compliance, also known as a Compliance Certificate, is confirmation indicating whether a property meets the regulations of the Town of Legal's Land Use Bylaw. More information....

Subdivision Applications

Subdivision refers to the process of adjusting the boundaries of a parcel of land to change the dimensions of an existing parcel, create additional parcels of land, or in some cases, reduce the number of parcels of land. More information...