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The Legal-lerie is the Legal and District Chamber of Commerce's monthly newsletter that is created by hard working local volunteers. It profiles local businesses, volunteer organization, town business, school news, as well as a list of all the Chamber Members. The eight page Legal-lerie is published and distributed for the beginning of each month.

Image of the Legal-lerie

The Legal and District Chamber of Commerce maintains an archive of all the past issues of the Legal-lerie. If you would like to read an archived issue simply visit www.legalchamberofcommerce.ca.

Submissions can be made to the editor of the Legal-lerie, for the upcoming issue prior to the 20th of each month. Please email your submissions to Carol at legal-lerieads@hotmail.com

If you are a member of the Chamber of Commerce and would like your business profile to be in the Legal-lerie contact Carol at legal-lerieads@hotmail.com